Recent Calls
Tue. Jan 26th 2021
Station 14 was dispatched to the quarry behind the Lynn Twp building for a report of a dog that fell into the quarry. Utility 1491 responded along with 6 personnel. The Doggy is out and home safe.
Mon. Jan 25th 2021
Station 14 was dispatched to assist St 44 at the Pinnacle of the Application Trail for a reported Female that fainted and passed out on the trail. UTV 1493 responded along with 7 personnel.
Thu. Jan 21st 2021
Station 14 was Dispatched to Assist St 44 at the 3700 block of Route 737 for a reported garage fire. Tanker 1421, Engine 1411 responded along with 7 personnel
Fri. Jan 1st 2021
Tanker 1421 was dispatched to assist St 44 at 1326 Hawk Mountain Rd for a reported Chimney Fire and was Recall shortly after responding by Berks Deputy 44. Tanker 1421 responded along with 6 personnel...
Mon. Dec 28th 2020
Station 14 was dispatched to area of Kings Hwy and Quarry Rd for a truck that rolled down an embankment with ejection after striking a telephone pole. QRS 1491, Engine 1411 responded along with 9 pers...

Welcome to Lynnport Community Fire Company #1

We proudly serve Lynn Township and the surrounding communities since 1944.The Lynnport Community Fire Co. is a 100% volunteer fire company. When we originated in 1944 we had one truck, a brand new 1944 Diamond T Pumper. We are still stationed at our original location and we currently have 5 trucks 1411,1412,1421,1461,1491 2 Utility-Task Vehicle 1492, 1493 and 2 All-Terrain Vehicles. For more information about our apparatuses, click the apparatus tab on the top left corner of the page.





Volunteers Wanted

Come on out and support your community by joining the Lynnport Fire Company. We are looking for people interested in volunteering as firefighters or fire police. We are also looking for help at our community events! Whether you want to be involved in firefighting or just volunteer to help your community, we have a place for you! For more information you can call us at (610) 298-2970 OR come visit us every Monday at 6:30 pm. 





Recent Calls

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